Undercoating Removal - Needle Scaler - VW Volkswagen 1966 Beetle


A very quick and easy way to remove old undercoating from the bottom of your VW (or any vehicle). I purchased this air powered needle scaler at Harbor Freight. It was on sale for $44. Money well spent when I consider how long it was taking me to do this with a steel wheel brush on my drill. The steel wheel brush didn't work very well either. At times it would warm up the undercoating and then it would just smear it. The needle scaler worked great, as you'll see in the video. Once I'm done stripping the chassis/pan, I'll coat it with 2 coats of Master Series "Mastercoat Silver Permanent Rust Sealer" and then one coat of either "mastercoat black" or "ag111". Stay tuned for more videos...

NOTE: I wore protective eye-ware, a dust mask, and hearing protection. The Needle Scaler tool is pretty loud. You may want to take the same precautions.

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