Old VW Bus Find Recovery - Part 2 - 1958 Deluxe Safari Window Discovered Recovered in NM Desert


Heres an awesome 1958 vw bus recovery I did in the deserts of NM. This is the oldest vw bus I have ever found.

UPDATE: I restored the bus and drove it over the rocky mountains with a 50 year old 36hp crank start motor! Watch me crank her up and go. Please watch all my great sequels to see the awesome adventures road tripping with me in a 58 safari bus ressurected from the summer of love. These vids are cracklin' with positive vibes and energy!

I love life. Peace!!!

In keeping with the spirt of continuous energy flow through non greed based attachment to materialism I enjoyed and then sold the '58 bus for a very fair price to support my family. Copy and paste this address for more info: http://58safaribus.webs.com/
I am now looking for another old vw bus to buy and restore and take on yet another adventure. The older the better.
I paid $1100 for Glinda as-is in the middle of the NM desert so you can see what I am willing to endure to locate my next vw bus restoration project. What majic bus will be next? If you have or know where I can find another really old vw hippie bus anywhere in the US in any condition please let me know.
If I buy your bus it will be restored by me personally and featured in my next video documentary series with the whole family. The buses come and go but these videos which are created to be enjoyed by all will live on for everyone to see forever. Please contact me anytime at: ntt420@yahoo.com

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