Old VW Bus -1958 VW Bus Find - Part 1, found in NM desert - rare volkswagen discovery!


I found this impossibly located old 1958 vw bus with safari windows that had been hidden away in the secluded desert of NM for over 30 years (since 1978). I bought it from a cool old hippie named Chris (aka santa) who owned the land. He and his wide toured Canada and the States in the 70s in "Glinda" the majic bus. My friend Andrew who shot this video drove us there in his vw '69 single cab. We made it 99% of the way but eventually got stuck in a ravine (no roads). This find is a genuine early '58 deluxe with original safari windows and a crank hole in the apron (found it inside). Someone had changed the taillights to larger in the past but the dash, etc is a museum piece. (update: I have since fixed them back to original.) I have been looking for a rare old early split window deluxe vw bus like this since I sold my '60 23 window. The few remaining unrestored really old VW buses left in the world are extremely scare with greatly increasing popularity and value thus getting nearly impossible to locate in the raw like this. What is left of this time piece was preserved only due to it being located in one of the most inaccessibly dry and desolate places on Earth. I am going to attempt a dangerous recovery tomorrow with a 4x4 and electric winches thru the passes after I mount the wheels. Due to steep jagged crumbling terrain and a snake pass it will be very difficult to get out and could tumble down gulleys, etc. Whatever happens you will see it here as we will record and post. Please bookmark this video so you can see sequels to this great adventure. I plan on having this diamond in the rough treasure bus rolling by next week so stay tuned. Thanks everyone for watching. Feel free to share your thoughts and any ideas for "Glinda"...Peace!

UPDATE: We restored the bus and drove it over the rocky mountains with a 50 year old 36hp crank start motor! Watch me crank her up and go. Please watch all the great sequels to see the awesome adventures road tripping in a 58 safari bus ressurected from the summer of love. These vids are cracklin' with positive vibes and good energy!

In keeping with the spirt of continuous energy flow through non greed based attachment to materialism I recently sold the '58 bus for a very fair price to support my family. Copy and paste this address for more info: http://58safaribus.webs.com
I am now looking for another old vw bus to buy and restore and take on yet another adventure. The older the better.
I paid $1100 for Glinda as-is in the middle of the NM desert so you can see what I am willing to endure to locate my next vw bus restoration project. What majic bus will be next? If you have or know where I can find another really old vw hippie bus anywhere in the US in any condition please let me know.
If I buy your bus it will be restored by me personally and featured in my next video documentary series with the whole family. The buses come and go but these videos which are created to be enjoyed by all will live on for everyone to see forever. Please contact me anytime at: ntt420@yahoo.com

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