Old 1958 VW Safari Bus find, Part 9; Rockies to west coast: A family adventure; Final Chapter.


Come along for the ride on a thrilling adventure in the majic bus with the whole family. In this video we hit the road again over the rocky mountains all the way to the Pacific Ocean. Enjoy breathtaking scenery as we dare to cross back over the Great Divide and travel thousands of miles over some of the roughest terrain in this majestic land. A must see adventure for old car buffs and restless spirits alike. This is the final chapter in this epic 1958 vw safari bus dicovery, restoration and adventure. Our final victory tour. Enjoy!
You can watch the entire series as we are blessed with a 1958 vw safari bus that had been not been running for over three decades. Watch us restore it from a rusty shell in an impossibly remote location and crank start it up for the first time in over 30 years. Then we're off on andventure that will stir the imagination.

Countless times I have accomplished what I am told is impossible. Anything can be done with faith, passion and alacrity. To realize ones own potential is to discover the greatest riches in the universe.

To all the kind spirits we met along the way. Thank you for your ever gracious generosity and selfless hospitality. May peace, love and happiness be with you and yours forever.

They said it could not be done.
So we did it . And it was fun. (=

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