The Classic VW Beetle Bug How to Install Window Seal & Chrome


In this short tip I show you how to install the window seal and chrome molding onto your Bug Windows.

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Submitted by jim on

When installing the back window on my 63 Bug one of the chrome pieces came out. Any tips on repairing that without removing the window again. This was my first window and I have already spent 6 hours on this project. Hate to pull the window back out. Is there anything wrong with just leaving the chrome out?

Submitted by aircooledluis on

One of the chrome pieces came out and the other half is still on? Nothing will happen if you don't reinstall the piece that came out, but don't you think it will look bad? Removing the rear window and seal is relatively easy. If you are not able to put it back with the window and seal installed, I would remove and reinstall the whole thing again. The second time around will be much faster, and when you are done you'll be very satisfied. :)

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