Bigfoot Extended Clutch Pedal Shaft for Classic VW


New Design Extended Clutch Pedal Shaft with new heavy duty brake/clutch stop bracket for Classic VW.The New Design Extended Length Clutch Pedal Shaft works like a bearing and is silky smooth. A great solution for a problem area on the classic VW. Moving the clutch Pedal over ¾ " feels more comfortable when engaging the Clutch. You get almost 3" between the pedals and now your shoes will not rub each other when pressing the pedals. The clutch pedal is now lined up in front of you. The old design clutch pedal shaft is going to wear out and break. Years of testing on daily drivers shows no wear to the new design or the clutch cable loop. Installing the clutch cable to the New Design Clutch Pedal Shaft of the pedal assembly and then mounting to the body takes the guess work out of the old design wondering if the loop on the cable has aligned itself to the hook on the old clutch pedal shaft. This is now a one man installation. Replace a new clutch cable with the New Design Clutch Pedal Shaft as the old cable is worn out from the old style design. This will be one area you will not have to worry about.

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